Influencing Without Authority Masterclass

Learn how to influence key people to achieve your goals

Why Influencing Without Authority?

To be successful at your job, you must be able to “sell” an idea or project; persuade coworkers or peers to provide support and/or resources, or get people to do something that they may not necessarily want or need to do. In today's organisations, we often have to influence key stakeholders and decision makers where we do not have the luxury of 'having authority over'. So building the management / leadership capability to influence constructively is now critical to your success.

What Are We Trying to Solve For?

Over two decades of working with organisations of all sizes in over two dozen sectors, we have observed some familiar challenges. 
  • Leaders influencing the wrong things. Often there is pressure to take action - any action - however this often creates a higher risk of failure than is necessary.
  • Sub-optimal results. How many times have you seen the approach or tool being rolled out (e.g. a re-structure) that fails to make a difference over the medium to long term? You could say this is one of management's dirty little secret that no-one likes talking about!
  • Costly re-work. As a result of poor outcomes, there is often a need for projects or initiatives to be launched on a semi-regular basis without achieving the results sought.
  • Dissatisfaction with strategy implementation / execution. Globally, 80% of CEO's are dissatisfied with strategy implementation. Why? Because the same errors are made time and time again, including leaders not being able to influence as effectively as they should.
  • Frustration at the change process. Research repeatedly demonstrates a high failure rate for change initiatives (e.g. poor benefit realisation). 

What are the Program Objectives?

The learning objectives for the program are to:
  1. Understand the critical leadership competencies required to be a successful influencer.
  2. Understand your own strengths and areas for development through a robust assessment tool.
  3. Understand the ‘how’ of influencing.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the 5-Step IWA Model and its application.
  5. Understand the role of authority in influencing others.
  6. Develop a Game Plan for immediate implementation (if appropriate).

Who Should Attend?

  • Functional Heads whose job requires them to influence people quickly and effectively.
  • CFO’s, Finance Directors, Finance General Managers & senior financial controllers
  • Managers / leaders who want to learn to influence stakeholders more effectively.
  • High potential managers / leaders who want to build their 'influencing muscle'.
  • Project team leaders / members responsible for an important initiative.
  • Executives, Directors and senior managers responsible for change.
  • Change sponsors / leads.

Introducing our Influencing Without Authority Masterclass

The Masterclass is designed around a robust model specifically designed to support those who need to influence key stakeholders, building on the 'best in class' global influencing models.

Influencing Without Authority Engagement Model

Program Details

Program Outline

  • Influencing Competency Profile and report
  • 1-on-1 personal debrief
  • Pre-reading and reflection questions
  • One-day workshop
  • Follow-Up communication to check progress

Program Location

Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland - 4th December 2017



The total investment is NZ$1,695 plus GST. We also offer an early bird rate.

Pay before 9th Oct



Influencing Assessment Profile

1-on-1 personal debrief

One-day workshop

All materials



Pay after 9th Oct



Influencing Assessment Profile

1-on-1 personal debrief

One-day workshop

All materials


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James O'Brien


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